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Tech repair franchise joins Samsung’s efforts to responsibly reduce e-waste with hassle-free tech recycling in stores

Tech repair franchise joins Samsung’s efforts to responsibly reduce e-waste with hassle-free tech recycling in stores

December 8, 2020
Press Release: uBreakiFix

Tech repair brand uBreakiFix has partnered with Samsung to make electronics recycling more accessible, offering customers the opportunity to responsibly recycle used devices at any of uBreakiFix’s +550 US locations

uBreakiFix stores are now accepting most everyday tech devices for recycling, including cell phones, tablets, computers, printers, game consoles, wearables, and more.

Those looking to part ways with their old tech can bring eligible devices of any brand, make, or model to their local uBreakiFix store and a professional repair technician will handle the rest. uBreakiFix will process the devices and route them to a Samsung-authorized recycling partner where they will be refurbished or processed into raw commodities for future re-use.

“At uBreakiFix, we pride ourselves on diverting e-waste simply by making device repair significantly more convenient and cost-effective than replacement,” said Justin Wetherill, president and co-founder of uBreakiFix. “We’re excited to take that effort a step further by making device recycling equally convenient with the support of our partners at Samsung.”

Since 2008, Samsung has been a strong supporter of EPR and publicly supports requirements that would ban the export of unprocessed e-waste to developing locations. “At Samsung, we take responsibility for electronics recycling and re-use that reduces the impact on the environment,” commented Ramon Gregory, SVP Samsung Care. “By committing to use e-Stewards-certified recyclers, consumers can rest assured that their products will be safely and properly recycled.”

uBreakiFix and Samsung have been formally aligned since 2018, when Samsung named uBreakiFix an authorized service provider for Galaxy smartphone repairs. They have since collaborated on several initiatives to leverage their alliance for the greater good, including a program earlier this year to provide free phone repairs to frontline healthcare workers.

uBreakiFix stores offer repairs on anything with a power button, and its newly launched ‘We Come to You’ service makes smartphone repair even easier by meeting customers at their home, office, or any convenient location. “To date, we have completed more than nine million repairs, allowing customers to extend the lifespan of their favorite devices,” Wetherill added. “We look forward to seeing the amplified impact of our combined repair and recycling efforts with this program in place.”

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