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AD Rem

Ad Rem is a company that is specialized in the research, designing, engineering, and construction of separation equipment for the recycling-, mineral- and food-processing industry. A wide range of different technologies are used in these separation installations. The young company Ad Rem has strong roots. Ad Rem is a joint venture between Group Galloo and the Valtech Group, both being strong companies in their field of expertise. Group Galloo being one of the largest and most renowned recycling companies in Europe. The Valtech Group is a holding containing 15 niche market engineering and construction companies that are mainly active, or are closely connected, to the recycling industry.

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Bano Recycling

Bano E-Waste recycling plant is the excellent result of the combination of its two breakthrough technologies: the extraordinary single-shaft shredder PREMAC HYDRO and the innovative VERTICAL MILL.
Finally a complete and unique solution that ensures high quality end products, maximum recovery and high performances rates. The new Bano WEEE recycling plant can process from small domestic appliances to complete white goods (e.g. washing machines). Each plant is a tailor-made system to suit specific customer requirements in terms of production capacities, ranging from 1 to 15 tons/hour, and type of electrical and electronic waste.

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We are a medium-sized, owner-managed group of companies in the field of mechanical and plant engineering, with over 350 employees and several locations around the world. We specialize in mechanical process technology with the following core skills.

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BRAIN is one of Europe’s leading technology companies in the field of industrial biotechnology, the core discipline of Bioeconomy. As such, BRAIN identifies previously untapped, efficient enzymes, microbial producer organisms or natural substances from complex biological systems that can be put to industrial use. The innovative solutions and products developed by help of this “Toolbox of Nature” are successfully applied in the chemistry, the mining, the cosmetics and the food industries. BRAIN’s business model is based on two pillars. The BioScience segment comprises mainly of the research and development business with industrial partners (the “Tailor-Made Solutions” cooperation business) and the company’s own research and development. The BioIndustrial segment consists mainly of the industrially scalable products business.

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Circunomics is one of the top five circular economy startups worldwide according to SAP & Google. Being the first open big data-based marketplace for battery data, cells, and recyclables, Circunomics enables industry partners to make integrated battery management a key capability. With its lifecycle and pricing algorithms, and standardized data interfaces, Circunomics connects industry partners across all stages of the battery supply chain to maximize the resale value of batteries, and to reduce recycling costs.

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Eldan Recycling is recognized as a world leader in supplying equipment for profitable recycling. We are proud to offer you equipment developed based on 60 years’ experience, manufactured in our own factory and delivered to several hundred satisfied customers worldwide. We offer you equipment and recycling solutions for processing of e.g. tyres, cable, electronics (WEEE) and industrial waste.

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Crushers, shredders and bespoke recycling plant – that’s the world of ERDWICH. We are a highly-specialized engineering and manufacturing company working in recycling and shredder technology. Our core competencies are shredding machinery, turnkey systems and comprehensive services.

Whether you work in heavy industry or waste management – if the job involves shredding and recycling, ERDWICH is the one to call. Our single-, twin- or triple-shaft shredders and turnkey systems ensure efficient material breakdown, either as stand-alone shredding machines or integrated into existing shredding and recycling plant.

Our machines and plants evidencing in over 91 countries worldwide that high-class quality and superior technology pay off. They are the best for customers in all sectors.
ERDWICH shredders are impressively reliable and give many years of service. Whether you need a shredder for electronic scrap or shredders for other fractions, you can rely on ERDWICH shredders – tried and tested a thousand times!

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FPD Recycling

FPD Recycling is an urban mining technology provider with global proprietary technology that can provide an efficient solution for recycling FPD’s. FPD PRO™, which is the flagship product from FPD Recycling, is the first fully automated FPD robotic recycling system that will transform FPD recycling.

The FPD PRO™ is a state-of-the-art environmentally sustainable machine that depollutes the FPD allowing the recycler to liberate clean high-quality fractions in a fully contained environment, allowing safe removal of hazardous waste. The FPD PRO™ also enables recyclers to maximise their returns in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

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HAMOS GmbH is a leading supplier of electrostatic separators and complete lines for recycling and for separation of mixed plastics, used cables, electronics waste, composite materials and minerals. Furthermore, we offer equipment and plant for removal of foreign substances from plastics, food and other materials.

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Hensel Recycling

The Hensel Recycling Group, based in Aschaffenburg, has been one of the world’s leading precious metal recycling companies since 1998. With more than 240 employees in nine countries, the company offers its customers a complete spectrum of services for all aspects of recycling products containing precious metals, such as electronic control units, circuit boards or other electronic components. Further information can be found at: www.hensel-recycling.com

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Jiva Materials Ltd

Through material science, Jiva questions the manufacturing methods of our modern technology. Using naturally derived products, Jiva Materials is rebuilding the electronics industry from the bottom up.

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JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

JX Nippon Mining & Metals is a core company of the JXTG Group in the area of nonferrous metals, carrying out global business operations that cover the full range from resources development, smelting and refining to manufacture and sales of electronic materials, and recycling of end-of-life equipment.

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Kuusakoski Oy

Kuusakoski is a customer-focused, technologically pioneering and environmentally responsible provider of recycling services with an international track record. Our passion for a deeper understanding of materials and recycling drives our innovations and helps us continuously develop more efficient recycling solutions. We strive to be unconditionally ethical and transparent in everything that we do, and this makes us a reliable partner. Kuusakoski is a family-owned company and was established in Finland in 1914, more than a hundred years ago. Currently, we offer electronics recycling services in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, UK, Russia and the USA.

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MGG Polymers GmbH

MGG Polymers has developed a revolutionary process with which numerous types of plastic and processing qualities can be economically retrieved from plastic-rich waste streams – e.g. from waste electrical appliances, home appliances or cars.

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Neometals Ltd

Neometals innovatively develops opportunities in minerals and advanced materials essential for a sustainable future.

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Founded in 1991 by Carlo Ferrero, Osai AS operates in the automation of industrial processes.
In addition to the Italian headquarters, Osai has 3 foreign branches, located in Germany, China and the United States of America. The offices are flanked by over 40 commercial partners for resale and assistance, able to guarantee rapid and efficient global support.

The solutions offered by Osai are based on standard systems or special machines for the assembly and testing of highly technological components for the semiconductor industry, the automotive industry and the electronics manufacturing industry. Each system is created ad hoc based on customer requests and equipped with the latest technologies, such as, for example, Laser technology.

Today the company consists of 170 employees, 6,500 square meters of production areas and more than 90% of exports.

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OUSEI import scrap from overseas as the smelters’ agent, such as noble metal (waste boards and mobiles, etc.), to Asia and Europe, while providing you with outstanding and brand-new services for long-term business. We also trade non-ferrous scraps, depending on world market needs, and contribute to the world’s recycling-oriented society.

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RECENSO GmbH is an industrial plant engineering company. We have been dedicating ourselves to the design and implementation of systems for resource recovery since 2004. Founded as a spin-off from a traditional German plant manufacturer, we develop and implement solutions for the growing demand for secondary raw materials.

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STEINERT GmbH provides innovative solutions for the separation of valuable materials, increasing customer profitability through higher recovery and reducing operational costs. In the areas of treatment of secondary and primary raw materials, the company operates in both the resource recovery and mining sectors.
Here STEINERT is a global leader in consulting, manufacturing, installation and services in innovative sensor sorting and traditional magnetic separation technology.

Based in Cologne for 130 years, and with around 300 employees worldwide, STEINERT provides a global network to support its customers with local contacts and local expertise.

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Stena Technoworld

Stena Technoworld is a solid and experienced partner in recycling of electronics, white goods and other electrical waste. Together with you, we create new values to the benefit of your company as well as to the society as a whole.

Urban Mining Solutions

Our company has its roots in the German mining industry. Since 1991, we have been applying experience gained in ore processing to recyclables recovery from a variety of material flows (COmmodity REcovery). UMS uses this experience to implement machines and entire plants for national and international customers, combining proven technology with state-of-the-art plant engineering. The result is highly flexible system solutions that help to efficiently and economically tap material cycles for the purpose of a circular economy.

UMS’s particular strengths lie in the extraction and separation of composites from various waste management and industry sectors. The differing properties of the input products require a sensible combination of technologies and the specific adaptation of processes. In this way, we ensure our customers the greatest possible added value from their recycling processes.

UMS provides composite materials extraction and separation as a service in its own technical centre. We regularly compare our own experiences with those of our customers, which helps us to continually develop our technology portfolio in a targeted manner, and to identify the focal points for our research. Our continuous improvement of familiar processes, and our development of new processes and aggregates, verifies our claim to be the leading supplier of Urban Mining Solutions.

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uRecycle Group

uRecycle® group focuses on battery recycling and recycling technology development. We have more than ten years of experience in the recycling of batteries and accumulators. uRecycle® a complete battery recycling service handles industrial and portable batteries including recovering and recycling waste battery materials using state-of-the-art technology.

uRecycle’s® responsibility and strict compliance with Health and Safety regulations ensure environmental safety and the safety and security of those involved in handling waste batteries at every step of the recycling process. We also provide guidance to customers who require the safe handling and transportation of industrial lithium-ion batteries for recycling with current regulations.

Our current customers are sorting and recycling companies and compliance schemes across Europe.

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URT Umwelt- und Recyclingtechnik GmbH

URT Umwelt- und Recyclingtechnik GmbH has been established in 1995 by the owners and managing directors, Peter Heßler and Thomas Gundersdorf.

The business content of URT comprises the engineering, sale and service of recycling plants for electric and electronic scrap (WEEE) and for the disposal of waste refrigerators (CFC). The European regulation WEEE (Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment) is the basis and guideline for this equipment. For more than 20 years URT has been manufacturing systems for the disposal of cooling units. The recovery and liquefaction of the propellants and refrigerants in the disposal plants have become established processes in Europe during this period. Now plants are also being set up in Asia and South and North America. Frequently these countries do not have suitable plants for the destruction of CFC and the quantities generated during disposal have even had to be transported across continents. This was the reason for URT to develop a new system.

Phone: +49 (0)9353 9068-0
E-Mail: Info@urt-recycling.de

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