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New standard includes repair, reuse and upgrade of e-bike components

New standard includes repair, reuse and upgrade of e-bike components

June 16, 2020

The European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization CEN-CENELEC has published a new standard on the general methods for the assessment of the ability to repair, reuse and upgrade energy-related products

The EN 45554:2020 standard defines the parameters and methods relevant for assessing the ability to repair and reuse products. These parameters and methods could be useful for all e-bike-related parts and components as well. The standard aims to extend product lifetime, but also to improve the ability to reuse components or recycle materials from products at end-of-life.

The EN 45554:2020 provides generic methods to assess the following aspects:

  • The ability of products to be repaired;
  • The ability of products, or parts thereof, to be reused;
  • The ability of products to be upgraded.

A major driver for the standards is the need to adequately specify metrics associated with assessing material efficiency aspects. The methods described in EN 45554 include product and support-related criteria when the product is placed on the market, taking into account knowledge of parts that are likely to fail, need replacing, or have reuse potential. The decision whether a product should be repaired, reused or upgraded, is dependent on a range of factors such as health and safety, as well as economic, legal and environmental aspects.

The range of environmental issues continues to increase, driven by continuing progress of technologies, information on environmental impacts and the effects on associated legal measures. A recent trend is the shift of focus from a specific life cycle stage to entire life cycle, also called the circular economy. This trend leads to supply-chain issues including information exchange, cooperation and management.

The standard was developed by the European standards committee on Energy-related products – Material Efficiency Aspects for Ecodesign. More information on EN 45554:2020 is available at national standardizations institute or in English at the British Standards Institution.

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