Exhibitor focus: Hamos

Exhibitor focus: Hamos

October 16, 2019
Marcia González

Hamos electronic and electrostatic separation tech on show at E-Waste World Conference & Expo

E-Waste World Conference & Expo exhibitor Hamos is a specialist in advanced technologies for the electronic and electrostatic separation of metals, plastics and other bulk materials. The Penzberg, Germany-based company offers a full portfolio of products to fulfil these needs, as well as complete recycling systems for the separation of cable scrap, complex mixed plastics (including troublesome black plastics), electronic scrap, PVC window profiles, composite materials and minerals. These systems are in successful operation around the world.

The Complete Hamos KRS Facility for Plastics Recycling is for the automated separation of pre-processed plastic mixes after the recycling of WEEE or refrigerators. Both types of plastic mixes are efficiently separated by the system, with clean fractions of PS, ABS and PP produced with high purity.

The original source of these plastic mixes must be pre-sorted in an upstream separation process. For this purpose, the company recommends a flat-sink separation as well as other options. The Hamos KRS uses proven dry electrostatic separators for the removal of wood, rubber, metals and other contaminants. Mixed plastics, even black plastics, pose no difficulties – the end result being high purities of ABS and PS fractions.

Mixed WEEE or refrigerator plastic fractions need to be pre-treated with wet separation technologies (not part of the Hamos scope of supply). This will remove the contaminants such as PVC, flame retardants, filled thermoplastics, unusable plastics and others such as metals, glass, etc. Concentrated PS/ABS fractions are the input materials for the Complete Hamos KRS Facility for Plastics Recycling, and the plastics mix material must have a size of less than 10mm.

The granulated PS/ABS mix from WEEE or refrigerators needs to be de-dusted with the Hamos DRS prior to the Hamos KWS Electrostatic Separator, which removes metals such as copper, brass, aluminium, etc, as well as other conductive materials such as wood, rubber and cardboard. This plastics mix is then dried using the Hamos TDS Thermal Dryer.

Hamos EKS electrostatic separators can then be used to separate plastics from WEEE or refrigerators into clean ABS and PS fractions.

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E-Waste World Conference & Expo takes place from Thursday 14 November to Friday 15 November at the Kap Europa, Frankfurt Messe, Germany. To register for this highly focused, solutions-driven event, please click here. For sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, please email peter@trans-globalevents.com

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