Exhibitor focus: BHS-Sonthofen

Exhibitor focus: BHS-Sonthofen

October 16, 2019
Marcia González

The ‘all-rounder’ for WEEE materials processsing: BHS-Sonthofen‘s Rotorshredder at E-Waste World Conference & Expo

BHS-Sonthofen, headquartered in Sonthofen, Germany, is an owner-operated group of companies in the area of machine and plant engineering and offers technical solutions in mechanical process engineering, with a focus on mixing, crushing, recycling and filtration.

The BHS Rotorshredder is the machine that will be of most interest to visitors at E-Waste World Conference & Expo. This has been designed to efficiently crush, untangle and disaggregate WEEE materials. The EU Directive for e-waste recycling requires that certain components containing harmful substances are reliably separated. The BHS Rotorshredder is able to separate these components, such as batteries, capacitors, printed circuit boards, etc, from the composite structure without completely destroying them. The harmful elements can subsequently be sorted from the post-shredder material stream. The BHS Rotorshredder uses several rotating hammers flexibly attached to a vertical shaft one above the other. The tools are of a very simple and sturdy design and do not need to be readjusted or sharpened.

The patented BHS Rotorshredder consists of a cylindrical working chamber with a high-speed vertical shaft. Mounted one above the other on the shaft are pairs of overhung crushing tools, which are aligned horizontally and stabilized by centrifugal force. The flexible suspension of the tools on the shaft also serves the purpose of overload protection. The Rotorshredder can optionally be equipped with a flywheel for energy storage.

The cylindrical chamber features a double wall comprising a sturdy slotted grid on the inside. The size of the gaps in this grid can be varied to suit a customer’s requirements. The input material is fed into the chamber from above. As the material enters the range of the tools, it is subjected to intense impact, punch and shear forces. The selectively processed material then leaves the chamber through the slotted grid. Individual solid parts that cannot be shredded are discharged from the chamber through a separate gate.

The patented slotted grid in the large, double-walled doors is a distinctive feature of the Rotorshredder. The interior of each door consists of grid segments with slots through which the crushed material automatically leaves the working chamber once it has reached the required particle size. Different types of grid segments can be used depending on the input material and requirement.

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E-Waste World Conference & Expo takes place from Thursday 14 November to Friday 15 November at the Kap Europa, Frankfurt Messe, Germany. To register for this highly focused, solutions-driven event, please click here. For sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, please email peter@trans-globalevents.com

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