Eramet, BASF and SUEZ to develop innovative process to recycle lithium-ion batteries

Eramet, BASF and SUEZ to develop innovative process to recycle lithium-ion batteries

September 19, 2019
Press Release: BASF

Eramet, BASF and SUEZ partner to develop an innovative closed-loop process for the recycling of lithium-ion batteries

The battery recycling project ReLieVe, led by French miner Eramet, with Germany’s BASF and France’s SUEZ, has been selected by the EU to develop an innovative closed-loop process for the recycling of lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles, Eramet said in a statement last week.

The EU and the three members will commit €4.7 million (US$5.17 million) to develop the process and to structure “a well-integrated recycling industry”, the French mining and metallurgy group said.

“As of January 2020, and over a two-year period, the project ReLieVe will carry out a series of activities for the large-scale development of this innovative process and the structuring of an integrated industrial sector – SUEZ for collection and dismantling of end-of-life batteries, Eramet for the development of the recycling process, and BASF for the manufacturing of cathode active materials,” it said.

The recovery of nickel, cobalt, manganese and lithium elements into battery-quality products is at the center of Eramet Group’s current R&D developments, the company said.

“Around 50,000 tons of batteries are expected to be recycled by 2027 in Europe and it could be multiplied almost tenfold by 2035,” SUEZ chief operating officer Jean-Marc Boursier said in a statement.

“Thanks to this funding, the ReLieVe project will be able to accelerate its work and progress towards the construction of a lithium-ion battery recycling sector with an innovative and competitive process on a European scale,” chairman of Eramet Ideas, the Group’s R&D Center, Laurent Joncourt said.

EIT Raw Materials, the largest consortium in the raw materials sector worldwide, co-finances the ReLieVe project, Eramet said.

Eramet has manganese ore operations in Gabon and nickel ore production in New Caledonia.

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