Exhibitor focus: Recenso

Exhibitor focus: Recenso

October 16, 2019
Marcia González

Nothing goes to waste in the circular economy, says Recenso at E-Waste World Conference & Expo

Visitors to E-Waste World Conference & Expo will be able to discuss systems for resource recovery with engineers and technicians from the Remscheid, Germany-headquartered Recenso, specialists in industrial plant engineering since 2004. The company’s ethos is on maximizing the use of all available resources, so in addition to waste prevention and recycling of products, core to its belief is that there is considerable potential in recovering resources from waste streams.

Creating a real closed-loop economy requires innovative technologies. The goal is to preserve as many materials as possible in material cycles. Recenso has identified a technology that, in this sense, opens up a new and promising way of exploiting the potential, especially of mixed plastic waste, as a real alternative to incineration.

High-tech polymers are an essential element of modern industry and make up a high proportion of the mass of consumer goods, but their lifespan is steadily decreasing. The possibilities of recycling polymers are limited. Thus, the increasing volume of plastic waste worldwide represents a major environmental challenge, and the elimination of end-of-use plastics is a key aspect on the path to an efficient closed-loop economy.

Recenso has developed a process for industrial use that converts mixed plastic fractions into a liquid and universally usable hydrocarbon mixture. The company’s experts will be on hand in Frankfurt to discuss the CTC process (Catalytic Tribochemical Conversion), which has the potential to play an important role in a wide range of applications worldwide.

CTC is a single-step catalytic liquefaction process characterized by its applicability to a variety of materials (e.g. agricultural waste biomass or mixed plastic waste). The combination of thermal, catalytic and physical forces for cracking hydrocarbon makes CTC unique and efficient. The produced oil can either be used for energy purposes or as secondary raw material in the chemical/petrochemical industry. The latter enables the development of as yet untapped potential: material recycling in line with closed-loop economy becomes a reality through the use of CTC.

Recenso, together with its partners, has created one of the world’s largest pilot plants for the application of CTC. The design complies with international standards for industrial applications and is used for the testing and further development of the process in Germany.

Recenso is also engaged in the development and business of converting plastic-based input material under the ‘CARBOLIQ’ brand.

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E-Waste World Conference & Expo takes place from Thursday 14 November to Friday 15 November at the Kap Europa, Frankfurt Messe, Germany. To register for this highly focused, solutions-driven event, please click here. For sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, please email peter@trans-globalevents.com

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